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Expetitle is a virtual title company. We combine best in-class technology and best-in-class title agents to provide a better closing experience at a lower cost.
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A Different Closing Experience
It’s time to bring the closing process into the 21st century. No more confusion, delays and lost deals - here’s how we do it.
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Choose Expetitle for your next closing, get in touch with us and connect with one of our best-in-class title agents.

Access the Portal

Get access to a personalized portal, add the property and invite all the corresponding parties. Our team will take it from there and you choose your level of involvement.

fast and easy
Fast and Easy

Our team facilitates a fast, clean and transparent closing process for you and your clients using best in class technology.

Prep the Property
Add the newly signed property to the Expetitle platform using our simple wizard. Once added, invite all the parties involved in the transaction and begin the closing process. This is done in a matter of minutes!
Keep Tracking Along
Expetitle was designed for all parties to get involved as they need to get the job done faster and more efficiently. We designed it to provide a detailed description of the process, to review progress, update tasks and upload documents all the way through closing day.
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Absolutely. They are there solely to help you through the closing process. Although our vision is to have technology drive the closing process and not people, there are and always will be aspects of the closing process where humans are required. So we make sure to hire great ones!

Currently we are located in Miami-Dade County and serve the Miami-Dade and South Florida area. We plan on expanding soon! If you would like to see Expertitle in your area, shoot us a note at the link in the footer!

We would love to work with you too! If you’re a homebuyer and work with a realtor, notify your realtor that you would like to work with Expetitle for your next closing and to get in touch with us directly. If you are a realtor, no need to wait – we’d love to meet!

Performing a title search is one of the most important steps of the closing process. Once we perform our title insurance consultation, we’ll let you know all the steps involved in your closing. We provide title searches as part of our closing service of course!

Sure do. Although legally we do not represent any parties, we do have in-house lawyers available in case you feel that you may need one.

We believe that technology should not just be an important aspect of the closing process, it should be THE driver of the closing process. We believe that technology can transform this industry by making closings easier, faster and more cost effective for consumers.

At the end of the closing, our fees will be deducted and you will see our fees in your settlement statement. We charge a flat fee for our closing plus a small electronic processing fee (for accessing our technology to make your life easier and safer!).

Yes, absolutely. As part of the closing we provide escrow services and make the escrow process as easy (and secure) as possible.

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