Meet Yindra

Meet Yindra

I am 33 years old and I started in the title industry purely by mistake. I have been in the real estate world for about 11 years or so.

I started my journey at a real estate office in Miami Gardens as a simple receptionist updating postings on the MLS not knowing much about real estate. I moved on to a real estate office in Coral Gables where I was a transaction coordinator and foreclosure specialist.

The company closed down due to the plummet in the market and I found myself looking for a new job quickly. I soon found a job again as a receptionist for a title company. I found interest in title quite quickly and moved up through the ranks.

I ended up becoming the branch manager for one of the 16 branches. I now have been in the title industry for 8 years and definitely love what I do.

Personally I have 2 children one who is an aspiring dancer. I myself was a dancer for many years competing all over Florida. I now help her to master her craft.

My favorite junk food is Oreos and donuts (Salty Donut) preferably. 

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