About Us

We have best-in-class technology along with seasoned title agents and staff (20+ years) to make sure that contract deadlines are met with the utmost efficiency.

Our Story

Before Expetitle, we never really thought much about the closing. People would say “Hey, you need title insurance,” which had very little transparency in the process – half the time we didn’t even know what was happening or what we were getting charged. We thought, buyers, sellers and realtors have all these tools and technology to help them buy a house, but nothing that actually helps them get through in the closing. This is kind of crazy considering that title insurance is a critical (and required) part of the real estate process.

After looking into the industry deeper, we found that title insurance was trapped in the 1950’s – paper-driven, untransparent and chaotic. Technology isn’t really a strong-suit in this industry, as websites are barely even functional. So we built Expetitle to change things.


Expetitle is enables a better closing experience using technology and closing coordination servicesAs part of our service, we provide software and staff that provide more transparency, communication and accountability.


The old way of closing is having to do everything yourself. But we live in a technology and automation-driven world now, where you should get things on-demand. We use technology to bring those things that used to be in the shadows into the forefront.


In a closing, all the different parties involved have different ways of communicating. It’s a big problem; our technology brings all the parties together to ensure clean communication. Of course, if you want to get in touch with your title agent at anytime, have the option to chat, phone or even video conference with them.


One of the most difficult parts of a closing is having an accountable party; the buyers and sellers are often new to the process, realtors are often overloaded and title is only a sliver of the closing. We have made operational changes to ‘old ways’ of doing things to ensure we are the truly accountable party to make sure the closing goes smoothly.

Sean Daly, CEO

Expetitle’s founder Sean Daly, comes from a seasoned startup background, working at several venture backed companies in FinTech and business development in Miami and New York. Along with the startup experience, he also runs a boutique real estate fund. Following his passion for the intersection of real estate and technology, Sean partnered with Lab Ventures and Miami-based closing agents (combined 20+ years experience) to launch Expetitle, a technology-driven brokerage to bring a new experience to the closing.

Yindra Velazquez, Title Agent

Yindra is a Title Agent for Expetitle. Having joined the title industry purely by mistake, she has been in the real estate world for 11+ years. Starting as a transaction and foreclosure specialist, she gained interest in title quickly and moved up through the ranks at a large Miami-based title company. She ended up becoming the branch manager for one of the 16 branches. Beyond working at a big title company, Yindra also has experience working at a Miami-based boutique real estate law firm. Yindra has 2 children and her favorite junk food are Oreos and donuts (Salty Donut preferably).

Tigre Wenrich, LAB Ventures CEO

Lab Ventures provides a new model of venture capital, funding startup ideas through internal ideation, corporate partners and industry experts. Lab Ventures is based out of the CoWorking space The Lab Miami in Wynwood, Miami.